Founded in 2009 and based in Dallas, Texas, MLH Software strives to create high quality and intuitive applications for the BlackBerry smartphone. Whether it is an application to enhance the productivity of your BlackBerry or an application to entertain, we aim to create a positive experience with our software. Our mission is to develop innovative and user friendly applications and to provide excellent customer service.

Michael Hawkins Michael Hawkins

Michael has been programming for over 15 years, starting well before his Computer Science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. With IBM, he performed architecture design work for Internet applications to ensure performance and scalability as well as integration to legacy systems. As a Software Research Engineer with Iomega Corporation, Michael designed and developed applications to download and secure digital content to Iomega media. Parts of his works were submitted for patent protection. For the past 10 years, he has performed architecture design work for a market leader in Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) that is revolutionizing emergency medicine and improving the lives of more than 6 million individuals each year. Michael is now applying his wide range of experience in the mobile application market.

Space Ace
Swine Flu - The Game
Missed Call Alert
Simply Solitaire
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