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Increase Productivity with Blurts

(DALLAS) January 8, 2010 -- MLH Software announced today the release of version 1.1 of Blurts, a BlackBerry application that increases productivity without having to remove the BlackBerry from a pocket. Blurts (or Bluetooth Alerts) enables the BlackBerry smartphone to send real time alerts to a computer via a Bluetooth connection. This wireless connection allows for the BlackBerry to remain in a pocket or holster while utilizing the phone, email and SMS features from the computer’s desktop. Blurts version 1.1 expands the SMS capabilities and adds additional features.

Blurts, when paired with a Bluetooth headset, makes the BlackBerry a completely hands-free device while working at a desk. Blurts Caller ID Alerts display right on the computer desktop. Directly from the Alert, the user can choose to answer the incoming call or send the call to voice mail. Blurts also allows the BlackBerry smartphone to be dialed from the computer desktop by selecting from the BlackBerry contact list.

Blurts displays incoming SMS messages on the computer desktop in real time and allows replies to be sent directly from the Alert message. The Blurts SMS desktop client allows new SMS texts to be initiated using the BlackBerry contact list and includes support to send text messages longer than 160 characters.

As email arrives on the BlackBerry, Blurts Email Alert will display on the desktop. If there is more than one email account on the BlackBerry, Blurts allows configuration of which email accounts will present alerts. According to MLH Software founder Michael Hawkins, “Blurts is designed to be flexible and convenient. At its core, Blurts leverages Bluetooth to provide a seamless and automatic connection with the computer desktop.“

In addition to enhancing phone, email and SMS, Blurts also allows for the transfer of text between the computer and BlackBerry’s clipboard. An image of the BlackBerry screen can be captured and viewed on the computer desktop, again saving one from retrieving the BlackBerry in order to view other notifications. The Blurts auto lock option increases the security of the computer workstation by locking the workstation when the BlackBerry is removed from the work area.

Blurts features:

  • Display Caller ID Alert
  • Display Email Alert
  • Display SMS Alert*
  • Send SMS from the desktop*
  • Dial phone from the desktop*
  • Auto lock workstation on disconnect*
  • Transfer computer clipboard to BlackBerry's clipboard and vice versa*
  • Transfer image of BlackBerry’s screen to the desktop*

  • *Feature available in Blurts Pro only

    Pricing and Availability:
    Blurts is available free from and other major BlackBerry application retailers. Blurts can be upgraded to Blurts Pro for $5.99.

    For more information contact:
    Michael Hawkins
    MLH Software

    Founded in 2009 and based in Dallas, Texas, MLH Software strives to create high quality and intuitive applications for the BlackBerry smartphone. Whether it is an application to enhance the productivity of the BlackBerry device or an application designed to entertain, MLH Software aims to create a positive experience with its software. The company’s mission is to develop innovative and user friendly applications and to provide excellent customer service

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